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NetApp and Engenio – Part 2 – A Hypothesis

In my previous post, I discussed why I thought that NetApp’s acquisition of Engenio was a difficult one and why I question the value of the combined entity.  Simply put, there seems to be redundancy in the product line and it makes you wonder how a merged company creates substantial new value.  However, there is […]

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NetApp and Engenio – A curious acquisition

It was with some surprise that I saw the announcement that NetApp was acquiring Engenio this afternoon.  There was a long ensuing discussion on Twitter on this topic and I have serious doubts about the added value of the combined entity.  Here is why. LSI’s primary go-to-market model has always been through OEMs and so […]

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Perspectives on Quest Acquiring BakBone

About four months ago, I published a blog post discussing the future of dedicated VMware backup solutions.  The post ignited a bigger discussion and included additional blog entries from W. Curtis Preston, me, Jon Toigo, Virtual Tacit, Veeam and Quest software.  I strongly encourage readers to review the differing perspectives in each post. I mention […]

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A New Chapter

SEPATON has been a great place to work over the last six plus years.  It has been amazing watching the company grow from a small group of about 30 employees in a tiny office space to today’s environment with over 150 employees and large office and lab space.  (Ironically, our current space that once felt […]

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Social media, corporate strategy & Dilbert

I have been intrigued by the recent Dilbert comic strips highlighting social media.  The piece below was particularly amusing and got me thinking about social media and corporate strategy.  The comic shows the conflict  between social media adoption and corporate culture and portrays a situation that happens all too frequently.  Many companies desire to engage in social media, but when […]

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HP acquires 3Par: Now what?

Last week, I blogged about the 3Par bidding war and how I thought that HP would prevail.  Yesterday, Dell refused to match HP’s latest offer and so unless something crazy happens, HP is now the proud owner of 3Par for the rock bottom price of $2.4B!  The price is more than double Dell’s initial bid […]

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Why HP will prevail over Dell in the 3Par bidding war

The Twittersphere and storage industry are abuzz with the ongoing bidding for 3Par.  HP and Dell are aggressively pursuing the company and have a vested interest in 3Par technology. I believe that HP is more motivated to acquire 3Par and will prevail. Both Dell and HP believe that a 3Par acquisition will generate additional business value, and […]

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The challenge of data growth

One of the biggest challenges with data protection is managing growth.  Some of the common factors that drive increasing capacity requirements include: Intrinsic growth – Growth inherent in the environment as users create new data. New applications – Companies implement new applications to meet changing business requirements.  These solutions could replace existing technologies or could be net new additions.  […]

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Devotion to duty

Tuesday Humor

Click for larger view – Comic courtesy of Via Beth Pariseau from TechTarget.

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Pondering Fibre Channel over Ethernet

Currently the twittersphere and blogosphere is actively discussing Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE).  The conversation was triggered by a post by Hu Yoshida from HDS, and I wanted to share my thoughts. One of the most interesting responses was this one by Nigel Poulton where he explains the infrastructure required for FCoE.  He goes into […]

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