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Was EMC’s acquisition of Data Domain a sign of desperation?

A blogger over at Seeking Alpha makes this case.  He argues that EMC must make acquisitions for growth and that the excessive price paid for Data Domain deal is a sign of desperation. To summarize the post, the author suggests that the growth in EMC’s core storage business is slowing and that they must look […]

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W. Curtis Preston Now with TechTarget

About a week ago, Curtis posted on his blog that he is joining TechTarget as an Executive Editor which essentially means that he will continue to present at various events. He is still an independent consultant and can keep working on his other projects including his Mr. Backup Blog and BackupCentral. In my opinion, this […]

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SEPATON Announcement

SEPATON recently announced fourth quarter results in this release. I am not going to repeat the content here, but wanted to highlight that the company had a record Q4 and achieved an important milestone. I am excited about the prospects for SEPATON in 2009. Don’t get me wrong, 2009 is likely to be a tough […]

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Surviving A Down Economy – A vendor Perspective

The outlook on the economy continues to be less than stellar. The National Bureau of Economic Research formally declared that we are in a recession. Thanks guys for stating the obvious! Tough times create difficulties for everyone. We have already seen vendors including NetApp, Quantum and Copan announcing cutbacks. Sequoia Capital added to the bleak […]

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10 Things I Am Thankful For

The Thanksgiving holiday is a time to reflect on things that you are thankful for and so I figured that this would be a great topic for my one blog post this week. 1. That the Somali pirates have not hijacked SEPATON although Bloomberg suggests in a humorous press release that Citibank may be in […]

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How a lack of innovation put Overland under water

I wanted to post a quick commentary on Overland Data. I recently ran across this post over at The Register that discusses the fact that Overland Data is at risk of being delisted from the NASDAQ due to a stock price below $1. (Ticker: OVRL, currently $.45) In a past life, I sold Overland products […]

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W. Curtis Preston the author of the Mr. Backup Blog recently posted an article about the blogs that he frequents. I was honored that he recognized along with blogs from other major vendors. Curtis mentioned his frustration with the comment filtering policies on some blogs and I wanted to clarify’s policy. (A synopsis […]

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Exchange deduplication ratio guarantee

Scott over at EMC recently posted his thoughts about deduplication ratios and how they vary widely. I agree with his assessment that compression ratios, change rates and retention are key ingredients in deduplication ratios. However, he makes a global statement, “If you don’t know those three things, you simply cannot state a deduplication ratio with […]

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Why is this blog called About Restore?

You might be wondering why I choose the name About Restore for this blog.  The primary objective of data protection is restore. Sure you backup data every night, but you do this so you can restore the data. A recent situation reminded me of this. I manage numerous programs and one of my responsibilities is […]

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Welcome to the new blog!

This blog will focus on the industry where I work, Storage and more specifically data protection.  The comments here are my own.  Comments and feedback are always welcome.

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