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Perspectives on Symantec OpenStorage

A couple of weeks ago SEPATON demonstrated OpenStorage (OST) at Symantec Vision and I posted a blog entry including a link to the demo. I wanted to explore OST in more detail. OST is Symantec’s intelligent disk interface. It works with all types of disk targets and is most commonly implemented with deduplication enabled storage. […]

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Deduplication ratios and their impact on DR cost savings

There is an interesting blog discussion between Dipash Patel from CommVault and W. Curtis Preston from Backup Central and TruthinIT regarding the increasing or decreasing benefits of deduplication ratios. They take different perspectives on the benefits of increasing deduplication ratios and I will highlight their points and add an additional one to consider. Patel argues […]

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Introducing DeltaRemote

With all the recent hype, you may have missed that SEPATON launched DeltaRemote a couple of weeks ago. DeltaRemote is a software upgrade for existing DeltaStor users and enables deduplicated replication between SEPATON VTLs. Some of the new features include: Multi-node support – DeltaRemote leverages SEPATON’s DeltaScale architecture to use multiple nodes for replication. It’s […]

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Recent Comment

Recently an end user commented about how the replication performance on his DL3D 1500 was less than expected. As he retained more data online, his replication speed decreased substantially and EMC support responded that this is normal behavior. This is a major challenge since slow replication times increase replication windows and can make DR goals […]

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