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Deduplication ratios and their impact on DR cost savings

There is an interesting blog discussion between Dipash Patel from CommVault and W. Curtis Preston from Backup Central and TruthinIT regarding the increasing or decreasing benefits of deduplication ratios. They take different perspectives on the benefits of increasing deduplication ratios and I will highlight their points and add an additional one to consider. Patel argues […]

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Blog commenting

W. Curtis Preston the author of the Mr. Backup Blog recently voiced his frustration with certain bloggers censoring visitor comments. He was annoyed that some folks from EMC configured their blogs for comment moderation (all comments must be approved before they appear on the site) and used the power to delete certain responses. He contrasted […]

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AboutRestore.com recognition

W. Curtis Preston the author of the Mr. Backup Blog recently posted an article about the blogs that he frequents. I was honored that he recognized AboutRestore.com along with blogs from other major vendors. Curtis mentioned his frustration with the comment filtering policies on some blogs and I wanted to clarify AboutRestore.com’s policy. (A synopsis […]

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