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Data Domain & GDA – Bolt-on to the rescue

One of biggest challenges facing today’s datacenter managers is protecting the vast quantities of data being generated. As volumes have increased, customers have looked for larger and larger backup solutions. Multi-node global deduplication systems have become critical to enable companies to meet business requirements and EMC/Data Domain’s response to these challenges has been “add another box” […]

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HIFN – Commoditizing hash-based deduplication?

HIFN recently announced a card that accelerates hash-based deduplication. For those unfamiliar with HIFN, they provide infrastructure components that accelerate CPU intensive processes such as compression, encryption and now deduplication. The products are primarily embedded inside appliances, and you may be using one of their products today. The interesting thing about the HIFN card is […]

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Deduplication and restore performance

One of the hidden landmines of deduplication is its impact on restore performance. Most vendors gloss over this issue in their quest to sell bigger and faster systems. Credit goes to Scott from EMC who acknowledged that restore performance declines on deduplicated data in the DL3D. We have seen other similar solutions suffer restore performance […]

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