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Social media, corporate strategy & Dilbert

I have been intrigued by the recent Dilbert comic strips highlighting social media.  The piece below was particularly amusing and got me thinking about social media and corporate strategy.  The comic shows the conflict  between social media adoption and corporate culture and portrays a situation that happens all too frequently.  Many companies desire to engage in social media, but when […]

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My experience with social media and the Super Bowl

Last Sunday I thoroughly enjoyed watching the hard fought Super Bowl between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints. It was a close game until the very end when the Saints made a critical interception. Interestingly, one of my lasting memories from the game relates to social media. I watched the first half of […]

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Now on Twitter

For those of you unfamiliar, Twitter is a micro-blogging application with posts of 140 words or less. It is a great forum for discussion and interaction with others in the industry. I particularly enjoy the real-time updates from various analysts and members of the press. You can view my profile here and see my posts […]

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