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Why is this blog called About Restore?

You might be wondering why I choose the name About Restore for this blog.  The primary objective of data protection is restore. Sure you backup data every night, but you do this so you can restore the data. A recent situation reminded me of this.

I manage numerous programs and one of my responsibilities is an internal portal.  One morning, I found that the portal was inaccessible and the primary culprit seemed to be database corruption.  I had a manual backup, but it was old and so I called my IT department to ask about restoring the data.  As it turned out, my server was older and had never held critical data and so was being not backed up.  (My data is important, but certainly the company won’t come screeching to a halt without it…)  Uggghhh.  The goods news is that I later realized that the problem was due to a minor misconfiguration and my data was intact.

I bring the above story to illustrate a simple point.  Restore is what’s most important.  Sure, you need to backup data every night, but you do it to enable restores.  So as you are going through your daily protection activities remember, it is about restore!

BTW, have you conducted a restore test recently?

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