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Trials and Tribble-lations of Deduplication

One of my favorite episodes from Star Trek was “Trouble with Tribbles.” In the episode, Uhura adopted a creature called a tribble only to find that it immediately started to reproduce uncontrollably, resulting in an infestation in the Enterprise’s critical business err spaceship systems. You can read a synopsis of the episode here or even better, watch it here. What does this have to do with restoration and deduplication? I’m glad you asked.

As I previously posted, the key driver in sizing deduplication environments and solutions is performance. This is because most solutions are performance constrained by deduplication. Like the tribbles from Star Trek, the risk end-users run is rapid growth in the number of deduplication appliances. It may seem easy to size the environment initially, but what happens if your data growth is faster than expected or stricter SLAs require you to reduce your backup and/or restore windows? The inevitable answer in most cases is more deduplication appliances. All of a sudden what seemed like one cute tribble (err, deduplication appliance) becomes a massive quantity of independent devices with different capacity and performance metrics. This large growth in machines will add complexity to your environment and will dramatically reduce any cost savings that you may have originally expected.

To avoid the above issues, you need to think about your needs not just today but into the future. The ideal solution is to purchase a system today that can meet your needs going forward. This stresses the importance of performance scalability and you must understand how this applies to any given solution.

In the world of Star Trek, Scotty easily beamed the excess tribbles to a nearby Klingon vessel. In the world of the data center, we are not so lucky. Besides who would be the unwilling recipient? Perhaps you could beam them to Data Domain?

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