Introducing DeltaRemote

With all the recent hype, you may have missed that SEPATON launched DeltaRemote a couple of weeks ago. DeltaRemote is a software upgrade for existing DeltaStor users and enables deduplicated replication between SEPATON VTLs. Some of the new features include:

  • Multi-node support – DeltaRemote leverages SEPATON’s DeltaScale architecture to use multiple nodes for replication. It’s fast and concurrent just like DeltaStor.
  • Fast restore performance at the remote site – I have discussed in the past how DeltaStor has some unique features to enable industry-leading restore performance. The same technology has been extended to the VTL on the remote site.
  • Simple management –Manage replication through SEPATON’s existing GUI. Detailed reporting and 30 day bandwidth efficiency analysis make planning and optimization a snap.
  • Cartridge level control – DeltaRemote provides complete tape cartridge level control of replication and recovery. You can easily set replication policies or manually choose cartridges to replicate or recover in the same format as tape libraries.

Stay tuned for more detailed information on DeltaRemote.

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