Marketing Odds and Ends

It has been a particularly busy week here at SEPATON HQ with limited blogging time.  Instead of a technology oriented post, I thought that I would highlight some marketing items from this week.

Upcoming speaking event
I will be speaking at the Storage Decisions Deduplication Seminar this Tuesday, 8/25 in Hartford, CT.  This free event is open to end users and W. Curtis Preston will be speaking as well.  If you are in the area, visit this URL for registration and location information.

University of New Hampshire press release and case study
SEPATON issued a press release on August 19 highlighting UNH and their deployment of an S2100-ES2 with DeltaStor technology.  UNH is an example of a customer who experienced the challenges with physical tape that I addressed in Streaming LTO-5 and The Fallacy of Faster Tape. The customer struggled to stream his tape drives and did not want to multiplex because of the impact on recovery times.  The SEPATON solution enabled him to dramatically accelerate backups and recoveries and prevented shoe-shining.  Download the case study to read more.

InfoStor article
InfoStor recently posted openBench Lab’s review of SEPATON’s S2100-ES2 with DeltaStor deduplication. openBench tested an S2100-ES2 and DeltaStor with virtual server backups and provide a detailed analysis of the performance and reduction ratios.  The full report will be available on our website shortly and I will update this post with a link when available.

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