Poll: VMware backup methodology

Server virtualization is a very powerful technology that can improve the economics of the datacenter.  However, it also creates new challenges for data protection.  VMware’s Vsphere API for Data Protection (VADP) improves the situation, but there still are multiple backup and recovery options.  Which do you use?

My primary backup methodology for virtualized servers is:

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I didn’t read the post but perhaps it means that Dual-stack is abndeoand as a future transition mechanism. Dual-stack, tunneling and translation are the three transition mechanisms but dual-stack was initially envisioned to be done before v4 addresses were depleted. Now it is obvious to everyone that very few did this so *after* depletion DS is a non-starter. Translation is evil and will only work in the simplest of circumstances. This leaves tunneling with a form of large scale nat as the only practical way to transition a customer to v6 (after depletion) because v4 will be needed for a long, long time. This is mostly ISP centric. For existing enterprises DS is viable since they already have v4 addresses but even then tunneling may be the right way to go, at least to start Bruce, gogo6

ungewöhnlich hohe Zahl der Kommentare und die recht heftige (indes durchaus unechauffierte) Debatte zeigt, wie viele, dicke, "unterdenteppichgekehrte" Schichten tabuisierter "issues" in diesem unserem Lande es gibt. – Wären sie freiem und "unbeduckmäusertem" Diskurs zugänglich, gebe es keine solche "eruptive" Beitragsmassierung in diesem Blog.Obo

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