A New Chapter

SEPATON has been a great place to work over the last six plus years.  It has been amazing watching the company grow from a small group of about 30 employees in a tiny office space to today’s environment with over 150 employees and large office and lab space.  (Ironically, our current space that once felt so expansive is beginning to feel tight!)  At the same time, the company has grown from only a few small installations to thousands worldwide and hundreds of petabytes protected.  It is truly an amazing story and I have been fortunate to play a small part in it.

SEPATON’s future continues to look bright with lots of cool new features under development.  I would love to tell you about them, but, well, I can’t and you will have to wait and see! 

The big news is that I will be starting next week at HP here in Massachusetts and helping them market their D2D, VLS and physical tape products.  It is an exciting job with great future potential and the partnership between HP and SEPATON on the VLS means that I will continue to collaborate with the SEPATON team.

The great part is that my role will continue to revolve around data protection, and I anticipate continuing this blogging experiment that began over two years ago.  It is not clear whether I will be posting here or on, but rest assured, I will be pondering the same issues and providing my continued perspectives on all things data protection.

I wish nothing but the best for SEPATON and all the great people who work here.  It has been a fantastic six years.  I am looking forward to the new challenges at HP and helping further increase the success of HP’s data protection platforms.

Note: Regardless of whether I post here, you can always reach me via the contact form on this blog or on my personal blog (e.g. non-data protection) at

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The most gratifying part of this post to me, aanwyy is that your management is AOK with you blogging externally. I would guess that it’s probably more than AOK, they probably think you’re cool and influential in the community because you blog. Well, you are.Anyway, I still am on my thankless mission to get more people (other than vendors!) to blog, and I use your blog as an example of someone who made the leap and did well at it.We’ll leave the flash debate for another day Chuck

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