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CommVault and Forward Referencing

I was recently reading this document from CommVault that highlights their deduplication technology and was surprised by their use of the term “forward referencing”. Forward referencing is a common term in deduplication with a generally agreed upon definition. CommVault appears to have redefined the word and promoted their version as a feature.  This is confusing […]

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Deduplication, Restore Performance and the A-Team

I have posted in the past about the challenges of restoring data from a reverse referenced deduplication solution. In short, the impact can be substantial. You might wonder whether I am the only one pointing out this issue, and what the impact really is. An EMC blogger recently posted on this topic and provided insights […]

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Deduplication and restore performance redux

A week ago, I wrote an article highlighting how deduplication can impact restore performance and the difference between forward and reverse referencing. Many people are not familiar with these two deduplication technologies and their importance.  SEPATON is the only vendor to implement forward referencing technology in a large scale enterprise appliance and it is important […]

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