Global Deduplication Explained

W. Curtis Preston recently authored an article on explaining global deduplication.  This is an important topic which frequently causes confusion.  Curtis does a good job explaining the technology and what it means to end users and  I recommend the article.

A quick summary is that global deduplication means that a common deduplication repository is shared by multiple nodes in a system.  In these environments, a customer can backup their data to any node on a system and it will be deduplicated against related data.  This provides improved ease of use and scalability.

Deduplication Restore

Deduplication and restore performance redux

A week ago, I wrote an article highlighting how deduplication can impact restore performance and the difference between forward and reverse referencing. Many people are not familiar with these two deduplication technologies and their importance.  SEPATON is the only vendor to implement forward referencing technology in a large scale enterprise appliance and it is important to understand why we did that.

Lauren Whitehouse from the Enterprise Strategy Group posted an article on a similar topic on on 8/11/08. It is gratifying to know that I am not the only one focused on the importance of deduplication and restore performance!