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W. Curtis Preston the author of the Mr. Backup Blog recently voiced his frustration with certain bloggers censoring visitor comments. He was annoyed that some folks from EMC configured their blogs for comment moderation (all comments must be approved before they appear on the site) and used the power to delete certain responses. He contrasted this to NetApp whose blogs are not moderated. (As a point of clarification,’s comments are not moderated; reader comments are posted immediately.) Whether you believe in comment moderation or not, at least these blogs all provide a mechanism for the visitor to respond.

Another vendor, FalconStor, has a number of corporate blogs and does not allow commenting. The real power of a blog is the ability to generate discussion among readers and allow visitors to share their opinions. Without commenting, a blog is simply a promotional page and provides limited added value.

In this case, FalconStor posted an article about SEPATON’s recent deduplication guarantee announcement and I wanted to respond. Unfortunately, FalconStor does not allow commenting. Are they afraid that people will say bad things? Or is it that they do not care about anyone’s opinion but their own? I am not sure, but it is clear that they are uninterested in discussion.

Blogging is a great platform for discussion and interaction. If you want to blog then allow comments. If you do not want comments, then find something else to do.

As always, comments are welcome. 🙂

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