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W. Curtis Preston the author of the Mr. Backup Blog recently posted an article about the blogs that he frequents. I was honored that he recognized along with blogs from other major vendors.

Curtis mentioned his frustration with the comment filtering policies on some blogs and I wanted to clarify’s policy. (A synopsis of the policy is contained in the disclaimer in the sidebar.) Comments are not moderated; whatever you post appears on the site instantly. I have little interest in censorship; however, I reserve the right to delete comments containing abusive or personal attacks. I hope I never have to use my power of deletion, but as Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker/Spiderman:

With great power comes great responsibility.

Now back to regularly scheduled programming…..

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Jim,I can certainly apiatcpree people who are less fortunate and the situation they find themselves in. However, from a financial perspective, the fact that news costs only a buck is indicative of why newspapers are going out of business. The cost of finding and reporting the news is not cheap, yet everyone expects it to be free (or near-free).If news consumers expect their news delivered to their door for the price of a cup of coffee (in 1980 prices), there is a huge disconnect. At most a newspaper will cost a dollar or less. Annualized, this is about $350. An iPad one refurbished is about $199. There aren’t many tools one could buy that return their original investment in 8 months.

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