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Restore Performance

Scott from EMC posted about the EMC DL3D 4000 today. He was responding to some questions by W. Curtis Preston regarding the product and GA. I am not going to go into detail about the post, but wanted to clarify one point. He says:

Restores from this [undeduplicated data] pool can be accomplished at up to 1,600 MB/s. Far faster than pretty much any other solution available today, from anybody. At 6 TB an hour, that is certainly much faster than any deduplication solution.
(Text in brackets added by me for clarification)

As recently discussed in this post, SEPATON restores data at up to 3,000 MB/sec (11.0 TB/hr) both with deduplication enabled and disabled. Scott insinuates that only EMC is capable of the performance he mentions and I wanted to clarify for the record that SEPATON is almost twice as fast as the fastest EMC system.

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